Tuesday, May 31, 2011

April 27, 2011

Four days after the tornadoes (and after we regained power), we loaned our generator to an elderly family in our church. These are some pictures in their neighborhood in Argo. Above is the foundation of an elderly ladies house. Unfortunately, she perished.
Here is another foundation and unfortunately this family perished as well.
This is what is left of the two houses.
You can see the washing machine, clothes, doors, ect....

More debris

A cast iron sink wrapped around the top of a tree.

The hillside leading into their neighborhood. Several more homes were completely destroyed and several more lives were lost.

This is what left of several homes in Sipsey.

This will be a day we will always remember. Our kids learned a valued lesson in helping your neighbors in need. They helped with tree removal from one friend's house. They helped volunteer several days at the local Civic Center where we sorted and distributed donations. They also help wrap and deliver over 250 potted plants to the Sipsey community. These plants were given to children affected by the tornado so they could give them to their mothers for Mother's Day. I have a picture but forgot to post it!! (check Facebook)

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