Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Day

The kids with their "goodies" after an Easter morning scavenger hunt to find them all.
My attempt at our 1st Easter morning picture with the kids in their fancy clothes. M walked right behind the car door as it was being opened and it smashed into her head and shoulder pretty hard. C tried to comfort her but you can see the tears in her eyes.
Family picture. (C is holding a ring pop)
They were ready to pose for pictures now that we were at church.
My favorite picture. I told them to act like they love each other (and they do).
Z with her new friend, K, in front of the floral cross.
Posing with their cousins at PaPa and MiMi's house
Mimi, PaPa, and the grandkids
The "W" brothers and their families.

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