Sunday, June 03, 2007

Latest surgeries!

We took all 3 to the ENT 2 weeks ago for their yearly check-up since having tubes placed in their ears. We also knew that M had some wax blockage in her right ear that needed to be removed. Boy, was our visit a shocking one! M had a HUGE piece of wax blocking her right ear. It was a little bit smaller than a dime and very thick. After it was removed, she said, "AAHH! That's better!". We then learned that both of her tubes were completely clogged and her ears were filled with fluid. We knew that C had lost both of his tubes but were shocked to learn that he also had fluid in both ears. The best news of the day was that Z still had both tubes and no fluid, which meant no surgery. As for C and M, they had to have a 2nd set of tubes put in last week. They both did great with the surgery and had no complications. The 1st picture above is of C and M snuggling with each other on the couch after they got home from the hospital. The 2nd picture is of Z being sympathetic and a little jealous b/c they were getting more attention.

The picture above is of my latest sewing/hair bow project. I learned how to make monogrammed buttons and turn them into ponytail holders. I made these a pigtail holders for a little girls birthday.

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