Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mother's Day and More!!

We decided to take the kids fishing at our local state park Mother's Day weekend. They were hysterical!! We used crickets for bait and Z was terrified of them and wouldn't let daddy put one on her hook. M (our animal lover) was the best fisherman of the bunch and loved the crickets. C just wanted to squish the crickets and then throw rocks in the water.

After many failed attempts at catching fish, we let the kids splash around in the water. That didn't last long b/c a young Hispanic girl rode her bike over to us and told us that there was a "LARGE animal" in the water and that they had been asked to get out of the water earlier. The picture above is of C on our way home. He is carrying his pants and wearing his 'tighty-whiteys' with pride!!

The picture below is of me and the kids Mother's Day morning b/4 we went to lunch and the picture below is of 4 generations of my hubby's family. (Notice C being sympathetic to Granny and laying down like she is!)

These are pictures of the kids at their Mother's Day Out spring program. The first picture is of them with their favorite teacher "Miss Beth". The 2nd picture is of them dressed as fireflies for the spring program. The last picture you can see Z (3rd from the right) shaking her booty to one of the songs that they were singing.

The kids graduated from their early intervention center this past Sunday. It was a bittersweet day. They have learned so much from their therapists and teachers and they will be missed dearly but it is time for them to move on and show the world what they have learned!!!!!!! The first picture is of M with her favorite helper, Mrs. Van, after the graduation ceremony. When M first put on her graduation gown at home, she said, "I'm Jesus!". The second picture is of the kids on their last day at the early intervention center having an ice cream party. Z is on the left and C and M are on the right towards the back of the picnic table.

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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Love the pic of C in his underwear. The joy of boys!