Friday, May 04, 2007

Kids say the cutest things!

Now that we have 3 VERY talkative 3 1/2 yrs. old, we hear them say cute things all of the time. Some of our favorites:

From Z: "I hold you mommy" = hold me mommy
"Old McDonalds" = McDonalds
"I have chilly bumps" = chill bumps
"Uncle Bob's Sauce" = Country Bob's Sauce, her new favorite dipping sauce

From M: "I U"= I love you
"I have pever" = I have fever.
"Awry's" = Arby's
"ear tips" = Q-tips
"wailwoad twacks" = the impressions on her arm from elastic sleeves

From C: when asked any question, he responds, "Well.........????" or "Hmmm! Lets see"
"I feel yucky" = he doesn't feel well
"...but, but, but..." = usually says this when he disagrees with you
"Chick Pil A" = Chic-Fil-A