Thursday, June 14, 2007

Potty Trauma!

Okay, so I am sure that most of you have seen the State Farm commercial of the curly headed father trying to get his triplets or quads to bed and they are running all over the house. One of the girls runs to the bathroom and drops his watch in the potty. The next scene is her saying "uh-oh" and the sound of the toilet flushing. Well, the kids saw that commercial yesterday morning and asked me why she said "uh-oh". I explained to them that she had flushed her daddy's watch down the potty and that was a HUGE NO-NO!!! I could see the wheels in their heads turning, so I further explained that we only flush pee-pee, poo-poo, and toilet paper in the potty and nothing else. They seemed to get it and our day went on. Well, last night at bedtime, I told the girls to go us the potty b/4 we put their jammies on. We could hear them giggling and I told them to stop playing and hurry up. They continued to giggle so I sent C in to tell them to hurry up. As soon as C walked into the bathroom, both girls began screaming and crying hysterically. I mean, it was the kind of cries that you would hear if someone got a finger cut off or something. We didn't know if one of them fell and hit their head or if C had bitten one of them. Z comes running out of the bathroom almost hyperventilating and says, "It's in the potty". By this time, Ben has run into the bathroom to see what has happened and begins to laugh uncontrollably. I ask Z what happened and she said the watch fell into the potty. (To back track a little, Mimi had given Z a sterling silver band bracelet and she was wearing it at the time). So, needless to say, they were playing in the bathroom and the "watch" fell in the potty and they started crying b/c they thought they were in serious trouble. Ben and I could not control our laughter. It took the girls about 15 minutes to calm down and stop crying. So, I guess some of my lectures really get through to them!!!!

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