Friday, December 03, 2010

Kiesel Park in Auburn

We went to church with our favorite trio's family and afterwards, their church had a picnic at Keisel Park. Above is M in the herb garden.
L, M, and Z in the herb garden
C, high up in a tree. It was such a beautiful day!
Z in the tree
M is always posing no matter where she is.
Two sets of triplets all smiling......WOW!!!
All letting out a LOUD.............WAR EAGLE!!!!
What happens in between shots!
Now, that is better!
More tree climbing. I love this one b/c he is hanging upside down.
They were sick of posing at this point....can't you tell by C's facial expression?
Z on the way home. Their friends wore them out!
M....too sweet!

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