Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Our Journey up Blue Ridge Mountain

After 45 minutes in the car, the kids were very happy to get out and stretch their legs as we neared the top of the mountain.
Lots of trees had died due to a little insect infestation.
Another shot coming down the other side of the mountain.
We stopped here to eat a picnic lunch!
M putting her feet in the cold mountain water for the 1st time.
Z's reaction
C couldn't take the chill
My favorite shot.....Ben helping M walk across the water and I caught their reflections.
The girls spending a little time in the water
We timed our trip just perfectly to see all of the beautiful fall colors.
Z stopping for a beauty shot
We found this little bridge, so we decided to stop and take some photos.
Love this one!
Z insisted on taking a picture of us since we had taken so many of them.
I think she did a good job.
We wore C out!!
We decided to go and show the kids some of our other favorite spots after we left the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we found this old home site that was COVERED in lady bugs. I don't think you will see any on the kids, but they were everywhere!!!!!
Handsome man
Little lady
My girls!!!

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