Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Girlie Girls Weekend

The girls dressed so silly to go eat dinner at Zaxby's. I wish I had taken a full length photo of them. Z has on yellow crocs, a pink and purple sheer dress (it was an old swimsuit cover-up) over her clothes, a safari hat, and purple and pink eyeshadow. M has on orange crocs, a pink and purple ballet outfit on top of her clothes, a crown, and pink eyeshadow. They got lots of looks!!
Eating a late night snack at MiMi's house.
Z trying out the new blue mouthwash that stains the plaque on your teeth blue.
M with her blue mouth.

M, me, & Z dressed fancy for our big "Girlie" outing.
M, MiMi, & Z
We stopped by to see Great Granny on our way to lunch.

We ate at the Chocolate Biscuit Tea Room and as you can tell from the stack of plates, we enjoyed our meals.
Mommy and M
MiMi and Z

The best part about eating at the Chocolate Biscuit is the chocolate biscuits. Trust me, they taste much better than they look.
M with her dessert
Z with her dessert

This weekend, daddy took C camping with Papa, his uncle, and 2 cousins. They set off to North Alabama for a "Man's weekend" so the girls and I went to MiMi's house for a "Girlie Girl" weekend. Above are picture from our adventure. We stayed Friday night with MiMi and ate dinner at Zaxby's. After dinner, we spent an hour in Wal-Mart and shopped from some new games to play with at MiMi's house. Once home, the girls took a bubble bath in MiMi's giant garden tub with her special bubble bath and then we played the new games. We finished the night off with an ice cream treat and straight to bed we went.
On Saturday, the girls wanted to dress fancy for their special lunch at the Chocolate Biscuit Tea Room. They picked out their favorite "fancy" dresses (I had to deny them the Cinderella and Snow White costumes). They wore high heels, a necklace, a bracelet, rings, and a big pretty bow. I put white eye shadow, blush, and lipstick on them. They also put sparkle lotion on their arms. They were gleaming at how beautiful they looked and were about to pop with excitement.
We stopped by the nursing home to see Great Granny and then went to lunch. The girls loved eating from fancy dishes and drinking water from a fancy cup. They couldn't stop smiling. After lunch, we ran a few errands and then the girls went swimming in the little kiddie pool at MiMi's house. I enjoyed some quiet time reading magazines. After that, they took a nap and I got to go to the thrift store all by myself. I found some of the best deals for winter clothes for the kids and a few goodies for me.
We finished our girlie time with MiMi over some pizza and Sprite for dinner and then we came back to our house. After unpacking, we stayed up and watched a movie, ate a snack, and then called it a night. We were all exhausted.
This morning, we went to Sunday school and the girls got on stage with the children's choir and sang a worship song. They were precious. After church, I treated the girls to lunch at McDonalds and as much time as they wanted to play on the indoor playground. We enjoyed a few quite hours at home playing dolls and games b/4 Daddy and C arrived. Now everything is back to normal..............LOUD!!!!!
p.s. The boys had a great weekend and no one got hurt!!! Yeah!!

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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I think of when you found out you were having two girls and you said, "They will have to come to your house to learn how to be girly!". Maybe you were just trying to make me feel better about not having a daughter back then. But any way, I would say you all are doing just great in the girly department. Looks like such fun! Sorry we missed it!