Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More on our Anniv. weekend

M, C, Z
filled with anticipation for the show to start
The sign might be hard to see but is says "THE WIGGLES"!!!
There they are!! Jeff, Anthony, Sam, and Maury
Rockin' out!
They tired themselves out with so much dancing and singing.

After the Rick and Bubba show, we went back home for some family time and then we went out to eat at an awesome Mexican restaurant. Our first date was at a Mexican restaurant!! On Saturday, daddy watched the kids while I went yard sale shopping!!! After lunch, he surprised us with tickets to see "The Wiggles". We all had a blast!!! Their show is very energetic and amusing for the adults. After the show, we went to swim party for another set of triplets. We slept in on Sunday morning, went to the church, and then spent a nice Sunday afternoon together. Oh! The kids and I made daddy a very special "10 years of Memories" scrapbook and presented it to him Friday afternoon.

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