Tuesday, July 08, 2008

How we celebrated the 4th

M, Z, Great Gran, and C
Trying to stay cool! I don't think they will fit in this pool next summer.
One set of triplets hangs out with one set of twins.
Chowing down on some watermelon

Notice the juice dripping from her chin?
C likes to suck the juice and then eat the watermelon.

We spent the weekend at my parents house and got to hang out with my grandmother "Gran", my brothers, and my parents. We filled our bellies for 2 days with hot dogs, sausage dogs, red hots, hamburgers, grilled chicken, ribs, BBQ, baked beans, potato salad, fresh garden tomatoes, chips and salsa, draft beer, sweet tea, and Capri Suns. We shot fireworks Friday night and went swimming at a sweet neighbors house on Saturday (in a real pool). The kids were actually able to touch the bottom in the sallow end, and they were so proud of themselves. It was a nice relaxing weekend spent with family to celebrate our nation's freedom!!

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