Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day of Learning

The girls wearing their "Super Why?" capes from their favorite PBS cartoon
Notice the shy one behind them?
Peach smoothie mustache
M is very serious with her mustache

C didn't want a mustache so he decided to just look cute.
M with her "Mat Man"
C with his "Mat Man" (notice the hands coming out of the head)
Z with her "Mat Man"

Today the kids watched "Super Why?" and then acted out their favorite characters. Z saw someone on Sesame Street drinking a smoothie and asked if we could make one. We had a HUGE basket of fresh peaches (thanks Cynthia) so we made peach smoothies. They practiced their math skills by helping me measure the ingredients and count ice cubes to go in the smoothie. They then had a contest to see who had the best smoothie mustache. I think Z won!!
After lunch, we began a writing program called "Handwriting Without Tears". Believe it or not, but their silly looking "Mat Man" helps them learn to write letters correctly. It taught them all about long lines, little lines, big curve, and little curve......all the shapes needed to form letters. They then took the sticks and formed letters on the floor.
We also cut up an old squash and fed the chickens and threw some things in the compost pile (or munchie bed as my dad calls it). We discussed what a compost pile was good for and what types of things you throw in it and we talked about things that chickens like to eat.

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The Texas Trio said...

Glad to find your blog! We are in the B'ham area too and our triplets are almost 2. Looks like it just continues to be more fun!