Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeschool Convention

The day after graduation, our whole family attended the Alabama Homeschool Conference at Camp Sumatunga. We spent the weekend at the camp.
Here are the kids with their cousins, whom also attended the conference with their parents.
M had just had a meltdown b/4 I took this picture.
They were getting ready to attend "kid's camp".
They all fit into the closet in our cabin and begged for a picture.
Standing out by the lake while daddy tried to fish.
This is a cross that overlooks the lake.
C climbed the large rocks and yelled out, "I'm king of the world".
Z posing for me.
C was SOOO tired and can see all of the boo-boos on his knees from falling down.
M posed one last time for me.
The girls climbing through a crack in the rocks.
Right b/4 we left, some momma geese and their babies were walking close to us.
Daddy tried to catch a baby but was quickly backed away by the momma.

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