Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation - May 13th

Family photo b/4 the kids went inside the church.
Snapshop with MiMi and PaPa
Being silly with some of their favorite pals
M was the 1st to have a speaking part, followed by Z. They did so awesome!
C had a speaking part with his "girlfriend"
The theme of graduation was "King of the Jungle".
Above is them singing a rap song called "To God be the Glory"
C right after he got his diploma.
M....very excited to now be a 1st grader.
Z is also excited too!!!
Attempting a group shot with their class and their teacher.
C wrapped up with his "girlfriend"
M, C, and Z with their teacher, Mrs. Jennifer.
Their old speech teacher, Miss Elizabeth, surprised them by attending graduation.
Posing with the school's director, Mrs. Casie
By this point, they were tired of smiling and were very hungry.
I was determined to get one picture of me with them.

Congrats Z, M, and C!!!!

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