Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dance "Recycle"

M and Z in black at their dance recital (or recycle as Z likes to call it)
M was very serious about it
Their 2 teachers are standing in front and this is their whole class
Very proud little ballerinas
Brother is very proud of them too!!

The girls took a 6 week dance class that was held one day a week for one hour each week. It included 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap. They LOVED it!!! They kept everything so secretive from me b/c they wanted to show off at their final class (or recital as we called it). M really picked up on all of the foot movements but not the hand movements of ballet. Z had all of the hand movements down but not the foot movements. They both did really well at tap and loved the LOUD tap shoes.
They will start another dance class this week at a dance studio closer to our house that will be structured just like the class above. While they do this, C is playing pee-wee football. I will post pictures of him later.

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