Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Today, we awoke to 3+ inches of snow! Daddy is going out to check the chickens and Butter.
Snowy yard
The trampoline looks like a winter wonderland.
The girls were greeted by Butter when they went outside.
C was the first to jump on the fresh snow on the trampoline.
They had a snowball fight while on the trampoline.
Snow, snow everywhere!!!
M not only has frozen snot on her upper lip, but she has a big snowball that Z threw at her stuck to her head.
That's me in the "blizzard" making a very sad snowman.
My very sad snowman. (Can you tell I'm from the south?)
Our photo that we sent to the local news channel. (M, C, Z) It says, "Corner loves ABC 33/40)
Throwing snowballs at Daddy. Can you see my snowball at the very top of the picture?
Throwing more snowballs at him.
C's snowangel
M's snowangel
Z's snowangel
C sledding down the hill in an old box.
M sledding down the hill and notice that she is about to tip over.
Z wiped out on her ride. You can barely see her pink hood in the picture.

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