Wednesday, May 20, 2009

C's toe surgery

C had a HUGE wart growing under his big toe on his right foot that was pushing his toenail off. My podiatrist saw it when I had my check-up and said it needed to come off right away b/4 it spread any more.
He also had one growing on the bottom of the same toe. (sorry the picture is a little fuzzy!)
Today, he had surgery to remove the 2 warts and she also had to remove his big toenail so infection couldn't get under it. He was such a brave little guy and only cried when she gave him the 6-8 shots to numb his toe. I lost count b/c I was holding his hands down so he wouldn't try to grab her or the needle and daddy was holding his legs down so he wouldn't jerk his foot. After the shots, he was fine and watched the whole procedure with a smile on his face.
He is so excited to have a big "BLUE" toe and is glad that his "wart toe", as he calls it, is gone.

Thank you Brother Johnny for being there with us today!!

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