Tuesday, June 09, 2009

1st Dance Recital

On Saturday, June 6th, the girls had their first dance recital which was held at the theater at the BJCC. Pictured above is flowers from their PaPa. He could not attend the performance and he wanted to wish them good luck!!
Here are the girls all "dolled" up with make-up and curly pigtails.
This picture was actually taken the day b/4 at their practice. It is the only close-up I have of them with their sailor hats on.
M, me, and Z about 30 minutes b/4 the show started.
They were SOOOO excited!!
Their first number was a ballet routine to "Good Ship Lolli Pop"
Z is on the back row on the left and M is on the back row on the right.
Z on the right.
M on the right.
Z and M on the back row.
Their 2nd number was a tap routine to "Kung Fu Fighting". M and Z are now on the front row.
That is all of the girls in their dance class. The 3 girls on the right were triplets!!
M doing a kung-fu move
Z (she had a wardrobe malfunction during this number. Her pigtail got stuck in the velcro strip on her neck and she couldn't get it loose.)
M on the left bowing.
M and Z after the recital with their participation trophies and flowers from MiMi.
I can't forget a picture of C. He had to tag along to all of their practices and he was their biggest cheerleader in the audience.

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Renee said...

You know my heart just went pitter-patter. They look so, so cute!! I'm such a proud aunt.