Sunday, September 13, 2009


We had made the offer to the girls several times to get their ears pierced. They always declined, but one Saturday morning, M woke up and asked if she could get her ears pierced that day. We happily agreed and Z decided that she too wanted hers pierced.
After a few tears, here she is with her new gold stud earrings. She did amazing and LOVES how pretty she looks with them. She can't wait for the 6 weeks to be up so she can take those studs out and try on Mommies earrings!!! Oh no!! We have created a monster!

Close up of her new earrings. I would like to say that I have pictures of Z's new earrings but she TOTALLY FREAKED OUT when the lady came near her with the ear piercing gun. No amount of bribing from myself, daddy, MiMi, or PaPa could change her mind. Later she told us that she will try again when she is 10 years old!!!

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