Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Easter Party at School

M going down the slide with one of her friends.
C at the top of the slide.
Z.....always on the go!!
Their classmates during their party.
More of the kids and their friend at lunch.
The kids had an Easter party and egg hunt at their Mother's Day Out the Thursday b/4 Easter. Their teacher was absent that day so I got to be their substitute. It was fun but VERY stressful. I don't mind being a sub for other classes but there is something really stressful about being in your own child's room. They were overly excited b/c it was "party day" and there were no activities left for me to do with them!!!
I missed snapping pictures of them actually looking for eggs b/c it happened so fast. Each child was only allowed to find 6 eggs to make it fair for everyone. Needless to say, they found their 6 eggs b/4 I could even get my camera out. Each egg was filled with a little goody.
Easter Sunday was a great day!! The kids played music instruments and sang a song during the Easter program. They were so excited about being able to sing in church. They were even more excited that PaPa, MiMi, Uncle A, Aunt N, and the cousins came to see them preform. After church, we went to MiMi and PaPa's house for another egg hunt and lunch.
This year we introduced the resurrections eggs to them and they really got it!! It was amazing to watch their little minds work and process each story. We wanted to focus less on the Easter bunny and more on the true meaning of Easter. They all know now, how and why Jesus died on the cross for our sins. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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