Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rag Ball

C at bat.
M on first base.
We signed the kids up for their first year of ragball. In case you don't know what ragball is (neither did hubby or I), it is a step under T-ball. They hit a very soft ball off of a tee and there are no outs or score. Each team allows all of its players to bat and then they go out into the field while the other team bats all of its members. It is hysterical to watch. Nobody knows where to run or how to stop a ball.
At their first practice, the coach told them to tag the bag when they had the ball. Everyone looked blankly at him and then one child said, "I don't see a BAG". (They were all looking for a paper or plastic bag to tag). He then told them to touch the sack. Again, they all looked around for a sack. Once they understood what a base/bag/sack was, they literally went over and touched it. Boy, did he have his work cut out for him.
I hope to post more pictures and stories next week. Our digital camera was acting funny and it only took the 2 pictures seen above. They have a game every Saturday through May so I know I will get some more great shots.

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