Friday, May 30, 2008

Yard Sale Finds!!

I decided to take the kids to their first ever garage sale today. Boy did we hit the jackpot!! We went to a neighborhood sale that had 40+ sellers. We got 9 books, one movie, 2 "batgirl" mask, one Darth Vader costume in excellent condition, a set of air guns that shoot foam rings, a brand new set of drawer dividers, 3 long sleeve shirts for the girls, and 2 brand new purses filled with jewlery for the girls. We got all of this for $19.50!!!! They had so much fun! I was on the lookout for unique items for the house and a new comforter set for downstairs but nothing I saw struck my fancy. It didn't matter though b/c I was more excited to see their faces light up at each house.

Here they are dressed up in their new treasures!!

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