Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebration Park......SOOO much FUN!!!!!!

I took the kids to Celebration Park on Tuesday and they had a BLAST! This was the 1st thing they ran too......the giant crayon.
Next, they stood under the buckets that randomly tip and pour water on them.
C got splashed!
M enjoying the water spouts.
No, they are not all peeing!!!
M running through the "rainbow hoops" as she called them.

Z running through the "car wash"
C going through the "loopty-loops"
As you can tell, they each had a different name for it.
This was one of their favorite spots. The tube drained all of its water to a mysterious place.
And then it.....................
........filled back up with water and made a giant tornado in the process.
When the tornado reached the top, it shot water out of the top and bottom. They squealed with excitement every time.
C became fascinated with the drain and where the water went.
He then decided to try and stop the water from going down the drain.
M playing in the piano sprinklers again. That was her favorite part.
Z mad b/c Clay splashed her face.
M giving me a courtesy smile.
C hamming it up for me.
What a fun and FREE day with the kids!!


Amanda said...

wow! looks like tons of fun! and free!!! that's awesome. where is this place at?!

Kim said...

It is in Gardendale off of Fieldstown Road.