Wednesday, July 01, 2009

VBS at our church

Last week, the kids participated in VBS at our church. The theme was "Camp E.D.G.E. - Experience and Discover God Everywhere". I was on the decorating committee so I had a lot of fun painting, drawing, and setting things up.
This was the spot where the opening and closing ceremonies took place. If you look closely, you can see A, C, and M with Sparks the mascot.
M striking a pose in the canoe.
C and M in the giant cutout that I painted (with the kids "help")
M and Z pretending to be hikers.
I had to add a little humor so I made an outhouse. What is camping without one? We even had a wooden sign in the hall that pointed to it.
M posing again in arts 'n crafts.
C is on the far left and the girls are in the middle wearing green. They had to get inside the trash bag, hop down the hill, pick up water balloons, put them in their bag, and hop to the finish line without bursting them. VERY FUNNY!!!
Next, they had a water balloon toss. C's burst just after I took this photo.
Thursday was "red" day but we arrived late b/c the kids had gymnastics. The girls wanted everyone to see their "cute" outfits so they did not wear red.
They had an egg race. They placed an egg in a plastic spoon and had to race to the finish line without using their hands or dropping it. Z is a little behind but the girl in front used her finger to hold the egg in place!!!
Here goes M. She held hers out really far so it wouldn't break or splat on her.
This was music time. They were singing, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength."
Now they are singing to the parents at the parent presentation on the last day.
They ended the week with a hot dog and smore's roast! C is on the far left with a marshmallow and M is in the middle with pink pants on. Z is in the background getting a marshmallow from one of the volunteers.

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