Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 12th Snow Day

Our backyard during the snow "storm"
We had almost 2" when I measured and the snow fell for another 3 hours
Daddy hitting C right in the face with a snowball.
The girls took aim too!
He was NOT happy!!
Jumping on a snow covered trampoline
M posing on the tire swing
Double the triplets!!!
Me being silly with the kids
I have a lovely belt around my waist as I show off the triplet snowmen.
Posing with the kiddies again. I'm rarely in photos with them so this was fun.
C destroying his snowman. We almost didn't get any pictures b/c he wanted to crush them all.
M destroying hers with help from C.
C helping Z destroy hers.
They really do love each other.
Z's making a snow angel
M's snow angel.
Daddy and the kids being silly!!!

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