Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonsil surgery

On Jan. 13th, all 3 kiddies had their tonsils taken out. I have pictures of them right after surgery that I took with my cell phone but I can't figure out how to get them off of my camera. Anyway, this is them once we got home after 9 hours at the hospital.
Z did so-so with the surgery. She received some "happy juice" b/4 surgery that made her very sleepy. The surgery itself went great but once she returned from recovery, she had a hard time staying awake. She had trouble with her IV and she threw up several times. Once she got something for nausea and took a good nap, she felt a little better.

C had the worst time. He, too, received some "happy juice" b/4 surgery that also made him sleepy. After surgery, a nurse in recovery asked if he had pain (which, duh!! sure he did) so she gave him some morphine. When he was brought back to his hospital room, he was COMPLETELY out of it. We could not wake him and he started to have trouble keeping his oxygen levels (sats) up. His O2 level dropped into the lower 80's and they had to put him on oxygen. That helped a little but we still couldn't wake wake him up. They had to call anesthesia to give him the antidote to the happy juice. As soon as the antidote was going in, he started to wake up. It took him 4 hours to come completely off of the oxygen and keep his sats above 95.
Miss M did amazing. She is the one we thought would do the worst. She, too, received happy juice but it made her giddy, not sleepy. She had the largest tonsils and was the only one who came out of recovery eating a popsicle with a smile on her face. She was ready to go home b/4 C even got out of surgery. Unfortunately, she had to hang around until he was stable enough to go home. We did have some good company in the rooms with us to help pass the time so that helped! Thanks PaPa, MiMi, Bro. Johnny, and Mrs. Kay.

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