Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

As most of you probably have been, we are finding ways to beat the heat this summer. The kids 2 new favorite places are the library and the pool. The first picture is of M putting her arm around C while he watched a movie about diggers that he chose from the library. She put her arm around him and said, "It's your favorite movie Clay. Good job!". Z decided that she wanted her picture taken too, so she went over for a pose as well.
At the library, I allow them to each pick out a movie and then I pick out a family movie. It is fun to see what movies they are interested in each week. It could be princess. It could be Bob the Builder and one week their favorite movie was "Puff the Magic Dragon". The next exciting (and stressful) part for me is the hunt for the perfect book. They haven't quite learned that you don't pull out every book just to look at the cover to decide if you like it or not. At our very first trip to the library, Z found a book this way entitled, "Z's Hats". She was so excited that her name was on the book and that she found it. C loves any books about cars, diggers, firetrucks, or machines. M loves books about Barbie, princesses, and anything that has a pink cover. She will say, "Oooh! It's so pwetty. I want dis one". After they have chosen their books, they get to play on the computer or with the 50+ puzzles that are out on the tables. They also have some birds, fish, and other animals around the room that they can look at. The library has definitely been our favorite indoor weekly activity.
I don't have pictures, but we went to Pump It Up one day with 2 sets of quadruplets. My kids had so much fun. For those of you reading this who don't know what Pump It Up is, it is a room full of large, inflatable slides, mazes, and bounce houses. The kids 1st went when they were really little. M and C had just learned to walk and Z was still crawling. This was there first time to go back since then and it was awesome. It gave me a workout as well. Z had trouble climbing to the top of some of the slides so I had to help her. As you can guess, I also had to go down the slide with her too. I'm sure that was a real pretty sight to see.
The kids other favorite summer activity has been swimming. They are all swimming so well with swim floaties on. The next set of pictures are of M, C, and Z getting ready for the pool. (Don't you love M's boots?) She is big into dress up now and those are her favorite accessory. The last 2 pictures are of them in the pool. Z and C are floating on their backs and M was just swimming around. They still don't like to go completely under water yet but they will jump off of the side and swim the length of the pool. Today we had to cut our swimming short b/c it was 101 degrees. The pool water felt like bath water.
Other than going to the library, Pump It Up, the pool, and the occasional playdate at someones house, we have been hanging out at home. I am trying to get ready for my big multiples garage sale at the end of this month and we are trying to sell our house to move to a better neighborhood with a good school system. I am also continuing my "Prissy Pieces" business; however, my website is currently down for those of you who check it often. I hope to have it back up and running by Sept. and I will have lots of new items on there.
The kids are all over 40 inches tall now and weigh between 34 and 37 lbs. As you can tell from the pictures above, they are very tall. The girls hair is extremely long. Since the pictures at the very top, I have cut 3 inches off of M's hair and about 2" off of Z's hair. Some of their favorite or cute sayings these days are:
C: "I need to tell you a question." "Rest with me mommy" "My po is sticky"
M: "I like your pwetty ______!" "I am wearing a handsome suit" "
Z: She is so smart. She repeats a lot of what we say. She is also testing the waters with being sassy and demanding. She also thinks it is cute to call me "Kim" every now and then.


Amanda said...

Hi Kim, It's Amanda here on campus again. Wow! looks like the kids are keeping you very busy! I can't wait to see your updated site with new stuff. I LOVE the bows and holder you made for MacKenzie. I like the beach towels you did in your last post too. Where is the yard sale going to be? I don't have multiples, but I am always looking for a bargain on clothes for MacKenzie and it's a good cause so I could easily justify the spending to my husband ;)

Kim said...

Hey Amanda,
I sent an email to your bsc account about the multiples sale. I also included an invitation.
I am so glad you liked the bows and bow holder. Anytime you need another color, just let Ben know.