Thursday, September 13, 2007

Date with Daddy!

Last Saturday, I signed daddy up to take the girls on a date to our local zoo to meet Barbie, the Island Princess. The girls were extremely excited and M talked about it every day until he took them. The girls both got to meet Barbie and have a picture taken with her. They got to view her new movie (Barbie, the Island Princess) that is being released on the 25th of this month and they learned about the red panda, which was in the movie. At the end of the presentation, the zoo gave out door prizes. As you can tell from the 2 pictures above, daddy won them both awesome prizes. He actually won to the largest and most expensive prizes that were given away at the very end. He said he could feel the eyes of all of the jealous (and maybe a little psycho) moms on his back. The other few dads that were there applauded him for racking up on prizes. After door prizes were given out, they were to go as a group to view the red panda. Well, daddy knew that he needed to pack up the girls and their prizes and head to the car b/4 he was jumped and mugged for their toys.

The toy that M has is an elephant that has a magnet in its snout. It picks up one of the little dolls and drops it in the seat on his back. Z and C are proudly showing off karaoke Barbie, whom they can also style her hair. The total value of both toys is about $80!!!! Daddy did good and the girls had a blast!! They haven't stopped talking about it.

While they were on their little adventure, C and I went shopping for supplies for their upcoming 4th b/day party. He had so much fun in the party supply store. They had all of their Halloween costumes and accessories out so I let him try on a bunch of stuff. He loved being mommy's little helper and planning for his party.

I also have to add a funny story that happened tonight at the dinner table. The kids were talking about their day at school and what they learned in chapel. Z said that God was in the house with us. We agreed with her and said that God (or Jesus) are everywhere and that they could live in her heart if she wanted him to. Without hesitation and very matter of factly, she said, "No thanks!". We could not contain our laughter. I know we shouldn't have laughed. We do want her to have Jesus in her heart, but the way she answered was so funny. We decided to ask C and M if they wanted Jesus to live in their hearts and they both said yes. We went back and asked Z again and she still said no. I can already tell she is going to be our little rebel!!!!

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