Monday, September 10, 2007

War Eagle!

The first picture is of the kids literally "tailgating" in the back of my SUV on Auburn's opening game day. Daddy was grilling burgers and the kids were listening to the pre-game show with him. Every time they see a football game now, they yell, "Touchdown Auburn!" regardless of who is playing. Unfortunately though, they were not able to cheer Auburn to a win this past Saturday. It was way past their bedtime.

The 2nd and 3rd pictures are of daddy with the kids on the 1st day of Mother's Day Out (MDO). The girls had already finished breakfast and C was being a slowpoke as usual. They were so excited to see their new teacher and they have 2 friends from their class last year in their room this year. It amazes me that the teachers at their school still have trouble telling the girls apart. We think they look nothing alike. M has really long and curly brownish hair while Z has stick straight, shorter, blond hair. M is taller and thicker while Z is shorter and petite. Their personalities are TOTALLY different. Z is very talkative and outgoing and M is extremely shy and quiet. I don't get it but they are my children and I do see them everyday.

This year in MDO they will have computer, music, dance, Spanish, and chapel as well as art, story time, centers, and outside play time. Their teacher is awesome! She is very spunky and LOVES children. She is also very "crafty" and creative (which I love). They do have a little boy in their room that is a trouble maker. They have only been to MDO for 3 days and he was put in time-out all 3 days. Z loves telling me about other people getting in trouble.

I am spending my 'alone time' now house hunting. We have a buyer for our house and now it is just a matter of us finding the perfect affordable house in a great neighborhood w/a good school system, that isn't too far from daddy's work. That should be easy huh????????

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