Thursday, October 28, 2010


The kids signed up for gymnastics in July of 2009 and they participated for a full year. In that year, they were taught how to do a "correct" forward roll, backwards roll, handstand forward roll, handstand, back bend, cartwheel, walk on a balance beam, pull up on the uneven bars and flip over it, and many other things. They had full access to the gym and each lesson, they rotated stations with peers of the same gymnastic skills/ability. M caught on really fast and was the first to learn how to do a back bend and a cartwheel. She was placed in the group just under the advanced girls (who could do round-offs and cartwheels on the balance beam). C and Z usually stayed in the same group which was kind of in the middle. C learned to do a back bend and a not so pretty cartwheel. Due to Z's poor upper body strength, she never mastered the back bend or cartwheel but she had fun trying.
Z attempting her cartwheel and C getting ready to do his.
M doing her cartwheel with her instructor looking on.
C on the uneven bars and Z waiting her turn on the trampoline.
M on the balance beam
C on the balance beam
Z on the balance beam

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