Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Z, M, & C!!!!

The birthday boy woke up with a smile
Cinnamon rolls with candles for breakfast
They aren't so sure about it!!
Z blowing out her candle.
Getting their gifts from us
I surprised them with a field trip to Bud's Best Cookies. They had NO idea where we were going until we walked into the factory and they smelled the cookies. We all had to wear hair nets so we wouldn't contaminate the cookies.
We sat right behind the engineer of the CookieLand Express. We rode through the cookie factory, got to taste fresh cookies, and take home some bags of cookies. We met Daddy for lunch at Chappy's Deli and did a little shopping afterwards. The girls had a soccer game that night and C had Boy Scouts. Overall, I think they had a pretty great birthday!!

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