Friday, October 29, 2010


The girls decided that they would like to play soccer this fall. We found a wonderful Christian league not too far from our house and they were put on a team with several of their friends. They are the Green Goblins! Only 2 of the kids on their team have played b/4 and the other 5 have not. As of right today (10/29), they have only won one game but they have played their little hearts out!!

Z, our lefty, warming up
M, our little athlete, also warming up
M dribbling the ball down the field.
M, in the middle, and Z right behind her. The yellow team that they are playing has 5 out of 7 kids on their team that have played b/4. They have beat us every time!
Sisterly love
M scoring her 1st goal!!! We won against this team!
This is how C passes his time during each game.
Daddy and his girls after their 1st (and only) big win!

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